Melenas - "No Puedo Pensar"

An impeccably timed anthem to overthinking

Dias Raros by Melenas

Spanish quartet Melenas’ upcoming album Dias Raros may end up being more relevant than they ever could have guessed. The title, which translates to “Strange Days”, refers to solitary days spent inside—both those in productive contemplation and in obsessive anguish. There’s no way Melenas ever could have known the extent to which the whole world would be forced into days like this, but they’ve been there before, and thankfully, they know just what we need. “No Puedo Pensar”, the second single off Dias Raros, is a perfectly timed anthem about overthinking.

On “No Puedo Pensar”, Melenas grapple with anxiety over a sunny backdrop that finds a delightfully happy medium between garage rock and dream pop. On first glance, the track has all the traits of a catchy, feel-good pop song, but it soon reveals just how much lurks within its shadows. “No Puedo Pensar'' revolves around a guitar riff that falls just short of melodic, creating a dissonance that tinges its warmth with darkness and foreboding. The contrast mirrors the fine-on-the-outside experience of anxiety and renders its choruses and conclusion that much more satisfying. In the end, Melenas come as close as one could hope to finding peace: “Maybe I’m not that sick / What do you think?”

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